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Sample Reports

The Premiere Home Inspecting software "Home Gauge" is used to create your inspection report.

About HomeGauge:

HomeGauge® provides the home inspection software and Internet tools inspectors need to best serve their clients (home buyers, home sellers, and real estate professionals). Using our software and internet tools, home and commercial inspectors are able to provide their clients with comprehensive information on the condition of the inspected property by printing a report onsite or by our online secure report delivery and validation process through

Please take a moment to view a couple of my sample reports below.

I will provide you with the in-depth comprehensive report in 12-48 hours after completing my inspection.

What do we do after the inspection ? We are here to help, please take a moment to view the attached domonstration from Homegauge to see where to go from here !

Arthur Annecharico

AHIT Certified Home Inspector

Licence Number HOI0000794

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