Arthur Annecharico

AHIT Certified Home Inspector

Licence Number HOI0000794

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The Inspection Process:Exterior Inspection: ·      Inspections typically start with the roof, chimneys, skylights, gutters, and downspouts. ·      Exterior inspection continues with surface drainage, walks/driveway, steps/stairs, windows, doors, siding and trim. ·      Decks, porches, sunrooms, exterior electrical light fixtures, electrical entrance 
cable/meter boxes, foundation and grade are thoroughly inspected.   Interior Inspection: ·      Interior inspection of the home begins with kitchen appliances, electrical outlets,
plumbing, cabinets and countertops, interior of windows/doors, and
flooring/walls/ceilings. ·      Basement inspection ensures electrical safety in the main and sub-panel boxes and also verifies proper grounding and bonding.. ·      All electrical outlets and fixtures throughout home will be checked for correct polarity and safety. ·      In addition, older homes are checked for outdated wiring and connections. ·      Next all heating and cooling systems are inspected for adequacy and proper
distribution. Detailed instructions for any necessary filter changes and/or
maintenance will be provided. ·      In homes containing woodstoves and fireplaces, flues are also checked for cleanliness and to assure that appliances are not incorrectly sharing exhaust methods (i.e.: woodstove and oil boiler sharing the same flue) ·      Next, an inspection of bathrooms throughout the home includes water main entrance pipe, fixtures, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, and whirlpool tubs. The bathroom exhaust fans are also inspected for proper ventilation. ·      Attic inspection ensures proper insulation, ventilation and structure.    Savings Recommendations . Suggestions will be offered on how to get the most efficient performance out of
your home’s systems and appliances, helping you save energy and money!